Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission CLOSED

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Individual submissions of 10-minute research talks or case studies. To the degree possible, the committee will organize individual submissions into webinars that share common themes. 

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A panel consists of four to five 10-minute prerecorded video presentations. Presenters will participate in a webinar discussion about their presentations.

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Roundtables  are moderated discussions with a set of 4-5 speakers organized around a given topic. Roundtables will be held live with opportunities for the audience to ask questions and participate. Asynchronous participation will also be encouraged through the use of discussion forums, and the session will be recorded and posted for asynchronous participants

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Special sessions could include methods workshops; stakeholder workshops; networking events; early career sessions; etc. The committee invites proposals for special events that would work well in online formats (e.g., a combination of pre-recorded talks, interactions via Zoom, and asynchronous discussion boards). If you are interested in a special session, please specify how you aim to run the session.

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