Elizabeth Baldwin

Assistant Professor in the School of Government & Public Policy at the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

Steering Committee

Kimberlee Chang

Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy and Methodology, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Katherine Daniell

Associate Professor at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Elke Kellner

Postdoctoral researcher, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Switzerland.

Raul Pacheco-Vega

Associate Professor in the Methods Lab at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Mexico

Andreas Thiel

Professor for International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance at the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Science, University of Kassel, Germany

Josephine van Zeben

Professor and Chair, LAW Group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Sergio Villamayor-Tomas

Research fellow at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain